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AirWaterElixir is water harvested from the humidity in the air and processed through numerous procedures to purify and enhance the properties of the water for improved health. AirWaterElixir is made according to a proprietary process that aligns the water molecules in harmony with the body metabolism for improved body hydration.

AirWaterElixir is free of female hormones from birth control pills and pharmaceutical drugs like Prozac that can be found in the water supply. These are difficult to filter out. AirWaterElixir does not contain alcohol or caffeine and provides natural hydration the body needs. AirWaterElixir is unlike other water products available because it has a thirty-day shelf life for maximum health benefits.

AirWaterElixir will be available exclusively in 11 fluid ounce glass containers (325 mL) for $9.75 with a .25 refundable bottle deposit. Ask for AirWaterElixir by name. You will be glad you did. We thank you and your body will thank you. Subject to supply availability.

www.airwaterelixir.com has additional information on benefits.


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